Welcome to GoldenHearts® Internationalé, a social commitment to expand access to healthcare and quality education for people in disadvantaged circumstances.!

About Us

GoldenHearts® Internationale is a foundation and a missionary movement devoted to enhancing access to essential expertize healthcare services and quality education for people in disadvantaged circumstances in the developing world.., with no strings attached!

We are a non-governmental, non-partisan, non-discriminatory, equal opportunity, faith-based community health institute. A hub of caring hearts across borders!

Our Vision:

  • To achieve a world where there is un-restricted access to expertize essential healthcare services and education by all people with no strings attached especially, children, women and the elderly.

Our Mission:

  • To deliever (not just provide) expertise healthcare services to people, anywhere especially, those in disadvantaged circumstances, freely or at a negligible cost that the beneficiaries can afford, exclusively to the glory of God Almighty.
  • To harness volunteer medical expertize and healthcare resources to achieve our mission.
  • To collaborate with relevant institutions and individuals towards the actualization of our vision.
  • To support rural and semi-urban missionary projects with free healthcare outreaches to the target population as a mechanism to realising our vision.
  • To fund, support and provide all neccessary resources for the essential education of children and young persons in disadvantaged circumstances in the developing world.

Our Motto:

  • …showing God’s love to humanity with no strings attached!

Our Apostolic Mandate:

  • “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” 3 John verse 2.

Our Creed:


  • believe in the equality of all humans under God.
  • know that the healthy development of all people is critical to God’s redemption plan for all.
  • acknowledge the need to strive to avail as many with optimal healthcare but, only God heals wholly.
  • are inspired by this need, motivated by our Faith, strengthened by His grace but, sustained by your partnership/support/contribution/donation.
  • uphold, promote and defend equity in healthcare access especially, in the execution of our mission!

The Scope of Our Focus:

  • Medical Missions to people in disadvantaged circumstances in the ‘back streets’ globally.
  • Child and Adolescent Healthcare.
  • Maternal and Reproductive Healthcare.
  • Elderly Palliative Healthcare.
  • Youth Capacity Building in volunteering for Development.

Our Strategies:

  • We organize medical mission outreaches & facilitate, aid the medical mission projects of other missionary bodies to our target population.
  • We collaborate with relevant government health departments to put existing healthcare infrastructures into optimal functionality at our project communities.
  • We mobilize medical experts, paramedics and auxiliary health manpower concentrated in tertiary healthcare centres, general hospitals and private practice to volunteer their skills intermittently during our projects.
  • Where necessary, we establish and manage integrated, comprehensive, sustainable healthcare centres in un-served communities.
  • We harness individual and corporate resources needed to execute our projects while extensively networking and collaborating with sister institutions, volunteer corps organizations, local and international agencies, donors, philanthropists and the relevant government offices.
  • We provide scholarship to target students and out of school children and support educational institutions towards the actualization of their goals.

Our Broad Goals:

  1. Preventing diseases : To reduce the incidence of preventable diseases in the population at our project communities using primary and secondary level preventative measures.
  2. Promoting health : To foster health education and facilitate the adoption of healthy behavioural practices by members of our project communities.
  3. Prolonging lives : To offer medical screening for early diagnosis and further clinical health services as necessary to our target population
  4. Strengthening health systems: To train and facilitate the re-training and skills improvement of regular and adhoc health manpower needed in our project communities while engaging in health development research.
  5. Supporting education, research and development.

Our Specific Goals:

  • are set and defined by the exigencies of each project.

Our Motivation  & Your Role…

GoldenHearts is a hub of caring hearts across borders. It’s not some person’s dream or ambition, it is our vision. It’s not their work, it is our commission.

It is unequivocal that the Lord Jesus Christ, during His earthly ministry, spared no opportunity at reaching out to the sick irrespective of their religious affiliations or social status. Little wonder, when the beloved Apostle John wished above all things that believers live in health even as their souls prosper. And as believers, we are commanded to follow in His steps and live by the examples of the apostles that have gone before us.

Today, we know, we see and statistics report that basic, essential, primary expertize healthcare services are largely out of the reach of majority of the population in the developing world especially, those in disadvantaged circumstances, children, women and the elderly. Where available, effective service utilization by this vulnerable group is grossly appalling as the facilities are usually ill-manned. Thereby, further widening the healthcare gap between the privileged and the disadvantaged; resulting in poorer health indices.

GoldenHearts Internationale is a concerted initiative to reverse this statistics and bridge the healthcare gap by improving universal access to integrated essential health services. We are inspired by this enormous task, motivated by our Faith in Christ and strengthened by His unfailing grace. But, we earnestly need your partnership, cooperation, collaboration and support for our sustenance.

Our well thought out strategy is to continually build a volunteer team of medical experts that shall be deployed exclusively based on need or request to project sites to execute and sustain our programs.

Do you share our vision? or Are you a physician, surgeon, nurse, pharmacist, physiotherapist, clinical psychologist or a paramedic? Maybe, you are non of that but, you believe in volunteer health development work. or You work in organizations that can collaborate with us. If so, THEN, CONTACT US today!

The Call from Dr. Abraham Idokoko, Founder & Volunteer-in-chief

“GoldenHearts is a pioneering vision but our commission is an empowering movement where our volunteers wholly own, manage and run it with the vision. That is our blue print for success.”  Abraham Idokoko

You are welcome to our network. Please, see to our goals. If you believe in what we do then, PARTNER, COLLABORATE, SUPPORT & JOIN US by volunteering your skills, expertize, goodwill, time as well as donating materials and/or funds to our trust.

However, you need to be envisioned in our course and committed to our mission.  We need you to stop cursing the darkness & light a candle instead!

Together, we can build a healthier world for people in disadvantaged circumstances!

Our Contact:

The Executive Director,
GoldenHearts® Internationalé,
P. O. Box 1039, Surulere, Lagos, 101014, Nigeria.
Tel: +234 (0) 708 6821 168
Email: internationale@goldenhearts.com.ng
Website: www.goldenhearts.com.ng/internationale