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..thinking Healthcare or Education, Researché & Development in Africa.?.?

Welcome to GoldenHearts®.!

We are social entrepreneurs, ..a vanguard of caring hearts across .!

Our Mandates

We are a social service committment to expand access to premium healthcare, research and educational services in Africa, while promoting the wellbeing of persons in disadvantaged circumstances. Our franchise serve our clients in a tripartite dimensions including:

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HomeMedicare® Services

HomeMedicare® Services is a pioneering specialist healthcare services project in Africa in a deliberate attempt to ensure everyone on the continent reserves unbridled access to premium, evidence-based, customized medicare solutions in their homes, schools or the workplace at competitive cost, in the spirit of the Alma Atta Declaration of 1978. Take a look at web portal at https://www.homemedicare.com.ng/ now for more details. Indeed, we have democratized access to medicare Africa. Our dedicated team of board certified specialist healthcare professionals are always on standby to serve you on demand.! We look forward to your reaching out to us today.!

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GH Researché® Institute

Quality research is fundamental to any meaningful venture and for sustainable human development. Researché Institute is the hub for research best practice in Africa.! We consult, train, manage your projects and provide support services in every areas of health/medical/clinical, academic, marketing, business, individual and corporate research endeavour. Visit https://www.researche.org/ for further details. From health to humanities, clinicals to social sciences, academics to business research quest, we are the premium hub of researchers across borders in Africa. Let's us work with you to deliever your research goal effectively and efficiently.!

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GoldenHearts® Internationalé

According to Dr. Abraham Idokoko, "A 'goldenheart' is a life saved and enriched by God's grace to selflessly add value to other lives" GoldenHearts® Internationalé is a vanguard of caring hearts across borders! We engage in profitable ventures with one sole aim of endowing this foundation to make quality education and healthcare services accessible to persons in disadvantaged circumstances in the 'back streets' around the globe. See more details at https://www.goldenhearts.com.ng/internationale/. We covet your partnership. Together, we can achieve a healthier world for people in disadvantaged circumstances especially, children, women and the elderly!

Our Feature Services

Here is an array of our most popular services across franchise:

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Individual/Family Medicare Services

We serve individuals, their wards, folks and family with comprehensive medicare in the comforts of the homes anyday, all year long. Register with us today!!

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Ocupational Health Services

Who says you cannot receive medicare at work? WE SAY YOU CAN.!! Companies can now truly outsource medicare for their staff and management in a classic way from pre-employment screening to on-the-job curative/preventive clinical care to post-service health services. The people who work deserve to eat the fruit of their labours in good health!!

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School & Tourist Health Care Packages

Schools can take adavantage of our flexibility and affordability to guarantee medicare to all their students and staff. School health has never been this easier in Africa. And temporal visitors to picnic and vacation tours can now rely on our national network of specialist medicare providers to assure their own access to quality health care while on that vacation.

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Diagnostic and Health Promotion Services

Indeed, prevention is better than cure!! Everyone one deserve to enjoy life healthily. Now, you can let us help you stay healthy and from time to time, we offer comprehensive early diagnostic screening for all age group. Avail yourself and family of all this today including nutritional advises, physical fitness training, etc

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..we deliever timely, customized, evidence-based medicare, research & educational solutions to our esteemed clientelle. Welcome to our web portal.!!

October 10, 2016

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October 10, 2016

Unveiling GoldenHearts® Inc.

GoldenHearts is the hub of caring hearts across borders! We engage in profitable ventures with one sole aim of endowing our foundation (GoldenHearts® internationalé) that make expertize healthcare services accessible to people in disadvantaged circumstances in the ‘back streets’ around the developing world, particularly in Africa. So, you are welcome to our network. Check out […]

September 16, 2016


Welcome to GoldenHearts® Internationalé, a social commitment to expand access to healthcare and quality education for people in disadvantaged circumstances.! About Us GoldenHearts® Internationale is a foundation and a missionary movement devoted to enhancing access to essential expertize healthcare services and quality education for people in disadvantaged circumstances in the developing world.., with no strings […]